Rosa’s Recommendation of the Week: Oscar and Rosie’s

Anna talks us through this week's recommendation.

Nestled just between Hockley and Lace Market, Oscar and Rosie’s is the place to go if you’re looking for fuss-free yet fantastic pizza.

At first sight I was slightly concerned we had got the wrong place because, frankly, the outside looks like a children’s day-care centre, however don’t let this fool you, it doesn’t reflect the interior! While we dined on Valentine’s Day, the restaurant surprisingly wasn’t decked out with gaudy red and pink hearts or anything that could be associated with it, which is just what we were looking for. It had a really relaxed atmosphere and was decorated with fairy lights, and abundance of plants and retro photos dotted around the place.

“There was plenty of choice for both of us.”

While their menu isn’t extensive, there is something for everyone. While I personally love a veggie pizza, my boyfriend prefers a meat feast, and there was plenty of choice for both of us. They offer 13 different pizzas, called ‘The Famous 14 Inchers’, all priced at £14 or under. If you’re really ravenous, they do their ‘Infamous Pizza By The Metre’ which looks drool-worthy and a great option if there is a group of you. For all you vegans out there, they even do 9 of their original pizzas in plant-based form topped with vegan cheese, so really, no one is left out.

The pizzas were quite honestly delicious; with a thin base and plenty of toppings it was difficult not to guzzle it down. I also appreciated that I didn’t feel too full after the meal as well, thanks to the pizza not being greasy. If pizza isn’t for you, or you’re simply looking for more of a lighter meal, they also offer salads and Mac ’n’ Cheese. If you’re wanting to check it out during the day, they have an offer for lunch where you can get a personal sized pizza (11 inches) for £7.

If you’re celebrating a birthday here, make sure to sign up to their Birthday Club mailing list beforehand, making you eligible for a free pizza. 

While, for students, its not the cheapest option in Nottingham, its perfect if you want to treat yourself to some heavenly food.

Anna Scott

Featured image courtesy of Anna Scott. 

Article images courtesy of Oscar and Rosie’s via Facebook.

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