Don’t Wobble Weak: Wobble Week

With the dawn of Reading Week on the horizon, week five of teaching can feel all too far away from this promised recalibration, and can bring with it its own feelings of isolation and a spike in student drop-outs. This year, the Faculty of Arts are pushing against the week-five fog: ‘we are ready to listen and help you find your way’.

Wobble Week aims to foster a sense of belonging between all students across campus

So what is it?
A week of activities to support students against the wobbles of university: unwind, share, belong. Wobble Week aims to foster a sense of belonging between all students across campus, encouraging an honesty in sharing and acknowledging some of our more vulnerable moments. ‘Everyone experiences moments where they feel unsure about things or have a wobble. Wobbles can happen about anything. We know this can feel overwhelming and are well prepared to support you.’

Monday 28th to Friday 1st November.

What? (part 2)

  • Activities – There are over thirty five events happening across campus during Wobble Weak. From parkruns to knitting, you can anti-wobble at the level of physical activity to fit your needs. Watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show with the English Society on Tuesday, then go and annoy Joe Jackson on Wednesday. Follow the following link to see a day-by-day schedule of events:

Wobbles cannot be timetabled within a five day window

  • Support – Wobble Week also provides a chance to illustrate the range of support available to students. Wobbles cannot be timetabled within a five day window, and the following website highlights the many outstretched hands waiting to help all year round: From the departmental Student Support and Wellbeing Officers to more tailed services such as Eating Disorders in Student Service (EDISS), this website helps you navigate your options so that you can always feel listened to, understood, and safe. The university is there for you.

For more information on Wobble Week:

Alice Reading

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