‘The Summer Of The Staycation’: Will This Shape Tourism In The Long Term?

The summer of 2020 is one that will definitely make the history books, however it may not only be due to the current pandemic – could it also be the summer that rewrites the way Brits spend their summer holidays?

With the present restrictions placed on travel around the world, many of us will have had to cancel a long-anticipated holiday abroad. While some are happy to postpone their trips until next year, a lot of the UK are still on the hunt for their summer vacation fix. So, the summer of the ‘staycation’ is born, as Brits will have to look on their very own doorstep for a replacement holiday.

The UK, be it in the Outer Hebrides or the southernmost point of Cornwall, is home to extremely beautiful holiday destinations

The idea of holidaying in the UK may be completely foreign for some, due to a desire to be on sandy white beaches in the blazing hot sun. Yet, believe it or not, for finding the majority of things on people’s vacation checklists, you may not have to travel or spend as much as you think. The UK, be it in the Outer Hebrides or the southernmost point of Cornwall, is home to extremely beautiful holiday destinations. Although the weather can be hit and miss, under lockdown restrictions we must make the most out of a bad situation. 

Already, many UK holiday destination hotspots are seeing an evident rise in bookings since the lockdown began. With so many turning towards the ‘staycation’ approach for this year, they may have noticed one aspect of their holiday booking that could sway them from going back to travelling abroad next year: the price. Without the need for air travel, the cost of holidays in the UK can be cheaper compared to abroad. Also, British holiday offerings consist of a greater amount of self-catered accommodation, making it more flexible for holiday goers to choose how to spend their money – they can make their own food or eat out, it’s up to them. This more moldable type of holiday could be ideal with the changing financial situations across the population.

Most could flock to other countries even more so next year

The ‘staycation’ may be the new go-to choice for more and more Brits after realising some of the benefits, which could be vitally helpful for our suffering economy in the aftermath of the lockdown restrictions. This growing sector of tourism may help keep certain small businesses afloat. However, while there would be many positives to having the ‘staycation’ as a long-term approach, there is the possibility of a reverse response. In the absence of an abroad holiday this year, most could flock to other countries even more so next year. We don’t know what the situation will be for next summer; air travel may be less readily available for another couple of years. Only the summer of 2021 will tell.

Rowan Cothliff

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