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Song Review: Michael Jewitt – Fault Line

Gemma Cockrell

Michael Jewitt (@michaeljewitt_ on Instagram), indie-pop musician from Edinburgh, is releasing his debut single Fault Line on 21st October.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by the musician himself, it is about ‘wanting to help those around you be the best they can be, rather than something which holds them back’. Due to his hands-on and independent approach when making the track, it is a very personal song to him, and the ‘first song he’s written which he can really call his own’.

The instrumental to the song is bouncy and energetic, making you instantly bounce your head along to it

The single art, made by Ellie Jack (@elliejackdesign on Instagram), is very striking, utilising bright oranges and reds contrasting with a black background, causing it to stand out and catch the eye. It’s a simplistic design, but extremely effective.

The instrumental to the song is bouncy and energetic, making you instantly bounce your head along to it. It is reminiscent of summer days, as much of the indie-pop genre is, therefore would be something that fans of other indie-pop music would definitely be interested in. It is very soft and sweet-sounding, and therefore very pleasant and easy to listen to. It is low-key, while also managing to be catchy.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by the musician himself

The chorus makes the song even more catchy, especially the repeated lyric ‘Say something, say something’ which will definitely get stuck in your head after only one listen. The melody of the chorus is infectious and catchy, and it is repeated many times throughout the song, causing it to be a very easy song to sing along to. The song is very chorus-focused – with instrumental sections in between each time it is repeated, rather than verses. This causes the song to be quite repetitive, but it means that the lyrics are very easy to remember.

A characteristic of indie-pop is that the lyrics need to be delved into in order to truly appreciate their meaning, and this is also the case with Fault Line. As Jewitt himself said, it is about uplifting those around you and helping them to become the best versions of themselves possible. This reflects in the lyric ‘I just wanna be your sunshine’ – he wants to be there to support people and improve the lives of those around him, and help them to improve and better themselves to reach their potential, rather than holding his friends back and preventing them from growing.

If you are a fan of indie-pop, then this song will definitely fit nicely into your playlist. It will be released on streaming platforms on 21st October so make sure you check it out! There are also links below to Jewitt’s social media, and a link to presave the track.

Gemma Cockrell


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