Why It’s Important That ‘Granny Crafts’ Are Making A Comeback

Rowan Cothliff

Typically we associate such things such as knitting, crochet and sewing with the older generations who we may argue have the time to master these fine crafts. Yet, it appears that these skills are becoming more and more popular within the younger generations leading to fantastic modern takes on timeless classics.

Personally, I’m a 19 year old who is crochet obsessed. I love it. Honing a craft such as this has made me a lot happier in my university life, as I now have a productive and yet stress free way of relaxing from the pressures of my workload. As well as the fact that the further I have gone forward with this skill, the more secret crocheters I have found on the way, most of them being around my age. It has given me a new link with people that I would have never had before, and this sharing of something so creative (and well, harmless) with other people truly brightens up my day.

The discovery of these hidden people brings me to question why I had never noticed this before? Are these crafty people hiding their wonderful skills due to this association with the old ‘granny’ stereotype? The fact that we can now place a modern twist on what was once such a common and practical skill is a blessing in disguise. These skills have become novel, as we have become a generation more privileged than those before us who needed skills like these to have clothes on their backs.

We are creating our own sustainable products through doing something ourselves

We should be proud of our new found fascination in the traditional arts.

You would be surprised by the benefits that come with mastering something so enjoyable! My housemate is an avid sewer and in the face of a pandemic we as a house have gained the handy skill of being able to make our own face masks out of the material we choose. We are creating our own sustainable products through doing something ourselves, rather than buying the mass produced and environmentally damaging disposable masks that we see littered everywhere.

Instead of idling away the time just watching Netflix, taking up a skill like the traditional arts gives you something creative, stimulating and productive to do

Not forgetting the fact that you can do something you love and make a little pocket money as well. Once I had gotten into the swing of crocheting, I decided that I wanted to venture into sharing my pieces with others. So, I started my own crochet page where I post my pieces, as well as accepting custom orders for those interested. Branching out like this has inspired me to do even more with my craft and given others the chance to share their creative input with me that I may not have necessarily thought of otherwise.

Instead of idling away the time just watching Netflix, taking up a skill like the traditional arts gives you something creative, stimulating and productive to do, all while still watching your favourite show- it’s a win win really.

Nevertheless, in taking an interest in knitting for example, you are passing on a tradition that may be lost with the age of technology that we progress further and further into. It’s something tangible that we can transmit through the ages both in terms of the process of doing the skill itself, as well as the physical end product. And yes, grannies do do these crafts, but that shouldn’t make it less desirable. The chance is that they learnt this skill in their youth, as we are now, and have taken it through life. It was my own nanny that taught me how to crochet and it is a piece of her that I will carry with me always in continuing the skill she has mastered. Keep crafting and spread the revival of the traditional arts! 

Rowan Cothliff

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  • Sharon
    21 November 2020 at 15:19
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    Hi Rowan
    Well said, yes indeed most of us grannies learnt to crochet in our youth and I did at a very young age 😊 and your Nan taught me to sew before I could walk, 🥰 and now my granddaughters are doing crocheting at a young age. your work is very gorgeously lovely and cute but I am just a tad biased, 😁 we do come from a very talented family, I’m so glad it’s relaxing you after all your long hard study days,I’m certainly finding it destressing, keep going, you and your friends are doing just great, love you lots, 😘 Aunty sharon xx

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