TikTok Wraps: A Food Revolution?

Tylah Mofford

As students, especially during such testing times, it’s challenging enough to get out of bed, let alone create gourmet lunches. Due to this, could the recent ‘TikTok wrap’ trend become the ultimate student lunch go-to, rather than resorting to unhealthy snacks and the wonder that is Deliveroo? 

With the trend growing so rapidly, it’s difficult to pin the original creator, TikTok user @cookingwithayeh demonstrates it perfectly. Seems easy, right?


Revolutionary Lunch Wrap! #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #foodtiktok #wrap #lunch

? Taste It – Ikson

As such videos make it look so fool-proof, I had to give it a go to see just how practical this hack is for students, even for cookery novices such as myself. I tried out two different fillings: Mexican-style chicken, and a vegetarian option.

For the chicken one, all I needed was some frozen chicken strips (what student doesn’t have some sort of nuggets in the freezer!), salsa (or even ketchup), sour cream and cheese. Having followed the packet instructions to cook the chicken, I simply put my four toppings into each quarter of the tortilla and folded it up. I then toasted it on both sides in a frying pan until the cheese melted.

For the vegetarian one, I used halloumi, left-over spinach and red peppers. Obviously, these can all be substituted for whatever else you fancy, but it’s definitely a good way to use leftovers. I then toasted it in a frying pan until both sides were browned.

A Wrap with Halloumi, Roasted red Pepper and spinach. It is sliced so that it can then be folded into a triangular pocket.

After trying it out for myself, I must admit this hack is truly revolutionary. I was initially sceptical of the filling potentially falling out, or it being very dry. I was mistaken. Surprisingly, the way it is folded keeps all the filling in, and toasting it melts the cheeses to solder the wrap together.

I also found them not dry in the slightest, given the tortilla layers are so thin. In terms of healthiness, it is undoubtable that such wraps provide a better lunch than a Starbucks toastie for example. The tortillas in themselves are much lighter than a traditional toasted sandwich, meaning I felt far less bloated than I usually do after eating lunch. Furthermore, the time taken to make these wraps was so minimal, it would physically take more time out of your day to order a Deliveroo than make one of these.

These wraps are perfect for students in every way. The simplicity of the wrap means you can literally put anything you want or have in them. Whether you have vegetables you need to use in the fridge, or bits in the freezer, you can certainly make a lunch out of it. I must also mention how videos such as @cookingwithayeh used a toastie maker/panini press, but as demonstrated, a frying pan works just as well.

Even better, I’m sure they would work without being toasted at all. Admittedly, you would not achieve the delicious amalgamation of cheesiness without toasting it, but they would still be delightful. This means there is truly no reason a student, or anyone for that matter, cannot make a delicious and speedy lunch such as this.

A Pocket shaped wrap filled with chicken strips and melted cheese on a plate.

To close, I will leave you with a few more scrumptious ideas to make lunches, and more, out of this TikTok hack:

  • Pizza Wrap – tomato puree/sauce, cheese, pepperoni (or any other pizza topping you like).
  • Taco Wrap – mince (beef/turkey/pork/Quorn), lettuce, tortilla chips, sour cream, cheese.
  • S’mores Wrap – chocolate spread, marshmallows, digestive biscuits

It is clear that this TikTok craze is more than just a craze and can benefit us students in this time in particular. Using this hack will certainly benefit our budgets and make those Starbucks trips feel even more special when we can finally get back there.

Tylah Mofford

Video link courtesy of Cooking With Ayeh via TikTok.

Featured image and all other article images courtesy of Tylah Mofford

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