Among Us November 2021 Update: What’s New?

Gemma Cockrell

Among Us have introduced a massive new update this month, introducing many new aspects to the game. Gemma Cockrell delves into the changes that have been made.

On November 9th 2021, a major update arrived to Among Us, which introduced new roles, more customisable options for your in-game character, and more.

this new update added four new roles that change the dynamic

But first, a bit of background information. Among Us is a game developed by Innersloth, where players must complete tasks whilst figuring out who the impostor is. Among Us rose to popularity in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is currently available on mobile for Android and iOS devices, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Players in Among Us lobbies are divided into two main categories: crewmates and impostors. However, this new update added four new roles that change the dynamic between crewmates and impostors: Engineer, Guardian Angel, Shapeshifter and Scientist.


The role of the Engineer can be given to crewmates, allowing them to use vents throughout the game. This is usually something only the impostors can do. This action allows the Engineer to travel across the map at high speed, avoiding the corridors and doors and travelling instantly from room to room. Unlike Impostors, Engineers can only stay in the vents for a limited time. They also must be careful not to vent in front of other crewmates since they might be accused of being the impostor themselves!

Guardian Angel

allowing a dead player to continue having some input in the game

The Guardian Angel role is given to crewmates after they are killed by the impostor, allowing a dead player to continue having some input in the game. It allows them to cast a protective shield around remaining crewmates to stop the impostor from killing them. The shield only lasts a few seconds, so this role is all about timing.


If a crewmate is given the Scientist role, it grants them access to vitals at any time throughout the game. They are given a personal monitor that alerts them the instant somebody dies. They will therefore know about kills earlier than the other players, but they won’t know the location of the body, so they still need to find it on the map to report it.


This is the only new role that is given to impostors. It allows the impostor to disguise themselves as other crewmates, to try and frame an innocent crewmate for their kills. They can only shapeshift for a limited period of time before reverting back to normal, and there is a cooldown period between shapeshifts where they will be unable to change.

these new roles have the potential to transform gameplay

In each lobby, you have a different percentage chance of being given a role in each game. These new roles have the potential to transform gameplay since crewmates now have to be aware that the impostor may be disguised. Impostors must remember that Engineer crewmates will use vents and that Guardian Angels will be casting shields and making it more difficult to kill crewmates.

The other major feature of the game is the customisable options for your character. A variety of new hats and clothing items have been added to the game, alongside the new ‘Cosmicube’ system and two new currencies. Cosmicubes must be purchased using either ‘Beans’ or ‘Stars’. Beans are collected through normal online gameplay (you get awarded with beans for each game you play), meanwhile Stars are only attainable if you use real-world currency to purchase them.

Some more minor, less obvious changes have also been made. You can now link your account to multiple platforms, so the progress you make on one platform will transfer over to your other platforms too.

Minor controller changes were made for those playing on PC and consoles. Sabotage and vent are no longer attached to the main action button, with the vent action now being mapped to the ‘V’ button on keyboards and the right shoulder button on controllers. Impostors can access sabotages by opening up their map using the ‘tab’ key or the left trigger on controllers. Actions for the new roles can be accessed by pressing the ‘F’ key on keyboards or the right trigger on controllers.

Innersloth have confirmed that the future holds further updates for Among Us, including plans to add a new map, roles, and other gameplay features. The game is also set to release on more consoles, including the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, on December 14th 2021.

Gemma Cockrell

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