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Amrit Virdi

Upon the upcoming release of Liverpool-based SPINN’s second studio album, ‘Outside Of The Blue’, Amrit Virdi chatted to frontman Johnny Quinn about the band’s beginnings and future, musical influences and introspective songwriting.

To start with, how did you meet and what brought you together as a band?

Honestly, I met Sean in Urban Outfitters so maybe an interest in somewhat overpriced vintage wear is what brought us two together. Louis and Luke on the other hand I met through music; Louis at a gig in The Cavern in Liverpool when he was playing with his old band, and Luke in Colours in Hoxton when he was playing with his other band Violet. 

Who would you say your musical influences are, both in general and on your upcoming album?

Beach Fossils are a huge influence on us, Wild Nothing Too, but we have a few more pop influences too which I think is reflected in our sound. 

What was the process of making this latest album like? How do you think it builds on your debut?

it’s definitely a bit less sugary than our first album

We began recording in November 2020 and finished it off in July 2021, so the album was pretty much done in two parts. The same can kind of be said about the actual songwriting as we had a line-up change, meaning that we had to write a whole bunch of new songs in a pretty short period of time, but I think we pulled it off. It’s definitely a bit less sugary than our first album, we wrote most of that when we were teenagers so hadn’t been dragged down by this cruel world. 

What inspired the idea to have the songs on ‘Outside of the Blue’ fit into ‘the blue’ and ‘the other side’? Did this concept come before you started writing the songs or did it naturally evolve during the creative process?

I noticed that the tunes were almost falling into these thematic spaces, either light or dark. I certainly didn’t write them with that in mind, so I’d say it was more of a natural thing than anything über-conceptual. 

I think vulnerability is important in music

With the record drawing upon your own experiences with mental health and love, does it feel scary to put such personal tracks out into the world? Or do you feel better for being fully transparent and vulnerable with fans?

Not really, I think vulnerability is important in music, a lot of musicians use it to express themselves and to digest issues in their lives effectively and I wouldn’t say I’m any different in that sense. It’s something I’ve come to learn though, in the first album I was slightly guarded so was super optimistic in my lyrical content, now I realise that songs don’t always have to be so happy-go-lucky. 

What are your favourite tracks on the record and which ones do you think will resonate the most with fans? Are you excited for fans to finally hear the studio recording of Daydreaming?

I can’t possibly predict what songs will resonate with our fans, I think the fan favourites kind of make themselves in a way. I can tell you that my favourite song off the album is probably I Believe In Love though, I really do love that one. 

Tom Longworth is a really great producer who has worked alongside some big names. What was it like to have him on board for this album? 

Tom is brilliant, we’ve been lucky enough to work with him loads over the last few years and he’s become a real great friend to the band. Getting back in the studio with him is always boss, he’s just amazing at what he does and is also one of the soundest people you could wish to meet. 

What does the future hold for the band? Are there any dream festivals you would want to play, specifically on the back of this latest album which sounds perfect for gigging?

We’ve done R+L which was a big goal of mine when I started up as a musician, but it would be great to do that again. Glastonbury is another goal, I’d love to also get over to the USA, we have meant to play there three times and it’s fell through every time, so that’s what I really want to do

‘Outside Of The Blue’ is available to buy and stream on Friday 4th February.

Amrit Virdi

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