Rob Jennings has been announced as the new Activities Officer.

In total, 8399 people voted for this position. After only two rounds of voting, Rob received 3712 votes beating Yaks who received 3223 votes. Priyanka, Harry Turnbull, Andrew Jenkins and RON were knocked out after the first round.

Rob told Impact, “I am feeling a bit of everything. This is absolutely amazing, I have wanted it for so long”.

He continued, “Campaigning was long and hard but it has paid off. I want to say thank you to all my friends, especially Tom, Zak, Becky, Amelia, Daisy, Holly and Samson. Thank you so much to everyone who believed in me”.

Current Activities Officer Joe Caunce told Impact, “I’m delighted for him, he has wanted this for ages. He is a fantastic candidate and has done so well in his campaign”.

Joe continued, “As long as he keeps speaking to students he’ll be a great officer. I have every confidence in him. Yaks did a great job too though, I have to mention him. It was so close and I’m pleased for them both”.

Round 1:

Yahya El Asmar (Yaks) – 2911
Rob Jennings – 3156
Priyanka – 287
Harry Turnbull – 1185
Andrew Jenkins – 637
RON – 223

Round 2:

YAKS – 3223
RJ – 3712

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