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Pizza Heaven- Nottingham’s Five Best Pizza Places

1. Suede 

Suede bar, claiming they serve ‘Nottingham’s best tasting pizza’, is located in Hockley and boasts an extensive menu that ranges in sizes, toppings, and dietary requirements. If you’re feeling inventive, you can build your own pizza, starting with a 12’’ base for only £7, then choose the base sauce and add how ever many toppings you’d like for £1 a pop!

Suede caters to both meat-lovers and veggies, as well as having the option to have vegan cheese instead. They offer plenty of sides if you want something with your pizza, and even different seasonings for your fries, including cheesy, spicy, pizza, herb, and sambuca!

“You pay only £12.50 per head for as much pizza as you can handle!”

Suede’s dim lighting and cosy atmosphere makes it perfect for a date night, and they even have special events and offers that you certainly don’t want to miss. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Suede offers 2-4-1 on all pizzas, and if that wasn’t good enough, on Thursdays they offer ‘pizza non-stop’, meaning you pay only £12.50 per head for as much pizza as you can handle!

USP: £12.50 all you can eat pizza and So. Much. Flavour. A student’s dream!

Image courtesy of Suede Facebook Page


2. BrewDog

Another Hockley gem, BrewDog, is most famous for its beer, boasting 18 draft lines and over 40 different bottles to choose from. However, despite their main attraction being beer, BrewDog also serves delicious pizza, and similarly offers vegan mozzarella as an alternative.

“BrewDog offers a ‘Pizza and a Punk’ deal for £10”

Everybody knows Beer and Pizza is up there with the most iconic duo’s, and luckily for us BrewDog has a deal dedicated to this! Each weekday BrewDog offers a ‘Pizza and a Punk’ deal for £10, meaning you get a pint of Brewdog’s famous flagship beer Punk IPA and a choice of 1 of their 7 pizzas for only a tenner!

Even better, if you happen to go on Wednesday, this offer lasts all day long until 10pm. Though the menu isn’t as extensive as other places, the pizzas are incredible and completely topped off by the quality of the beer and relaxed atmosphere.

USP: Amazing beer to go with your pizza, for a total of £10!

Image Courtesy of BrewDog Facebook Page


3. Das Kino

Das Kino, located in Lace Market, is a great place to enjoy a quality pizza before a spot of Ping Pong on their Olympic standard tables. Das Kino offers a vast range of pizzas, from well-known classics to adventurous specials.

“They offer gluten free bases and vegan cheese”

Classic pizzas are £12 for a large (15’’) and £9 for a standard (10’’), and specials are £14 for a large and £10 for a standard. They offer gluten free bases and vegan cheese to appeal to as many customers as possible and also serve pizza fries, starting with a pile of fresh French fries which any chosen pizza topping can then be added to.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, Das Kino also have Nutella pizza on the menu, for £6 you can get a medium based pizza base topped with Nutella, chocolate buttons, marshmallows and sprinkles.

USP: Pizza fries half price pizza on Mondays.

Image Courtesy of Das Kino Facebook Page


4. Oscar and Rosie’s

Oscar and Rosie’s, described by Leftlion Magazine as selling the ‘Best pizza in Nottingham’, is an independent pizza company located in Lace Market. Their most notorious creation is their Metre of Pizza and if you’re like me and love a bit of spice, you’ll be happy to know Oscar and Rosie’s offer all pizzas as ‘Hot & Fiery’ upon request at no extra cost.

“With each bite you can tell that a lot of love goes into these pizzas”

Their extensive and innovative menu includes an exclusively vegan menu as well as gluten-free options. With each bite you can tell that a lot of love goes into these pizzas, and this is matched with the friendly, welcoming atmosphere at Oscar and Rosie’s.

This restaurant is great for both lunch and dinner, but doesn’t offer quite as much in terms of extra entertainment, drinks and special deals.

USP: Pizza’s by the metre.

Image Courtesy of Oscar and Rosie’s Facebook Page


5. MOD

Located in the heart of Nottingham’s market square, MOD’s main attraction is its set price £7.49 pizza that allows you to get as many of their toppings as you wish (they have a LOT), and that’s before student discount!

“The service doesn’t feel as personal as in other places”

MOD also has its own range of set-topping pizzas to choose from if you’re not feeling creative, as well as salad’s if you’re feeling something lighter or healthier. Whilst MOD is very tasty and amazing value for money in terms of all the topping choice, the service doesn’t feel as personal as in other places and it simply doesn’t offer the same kind of cool, individual atmosphere.

One thing MOD is very good at is extremely fast service, though I’d say it’s more of a lunch than a dinner place.

USP: As many toppings as you like for £7.49 (most places charge extra for each topping!)

Image Courtesy of MOD Facebook Page


Alana McKenna 

Featured image courtesy of Ricardo Bernardo via Flickr, licence here.

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