Creative Corner: 31 Days

Lauren's haiku collection looks back and reflects on the month of October...

Day 1

Overnight, pumpkins festoon supermarket windows. It has begun.

Day 2

Boys with conkers,

brown and polished as their school shoes,

battering rams swung on shoelaces to fight.

Day 3

Translucent colours hover in the sky,

droplets plop,

rainbow above the canal.

Day 4

Late. Again. This stop go network,

roads and railways,

seasons slow and we speed up.

Day 5

Playing that 80’s synth over and

over- you’re over her, yet those songs

trickle through your headphones,

half muffled by the wind.

Day 6

Dreamt of summer, in her smile,

Kept you warm once the sun faded.

Woke in a cold bed, waiting for winter.

Day 7

Riding the tram,

that same soul-warming shade of coffee scent:

back to your favourite cafe.

Day 8

Early morning mist clouds your mind.

Skies seared,

pink smiling tint.

Day 9

Two in the afternoon on a Tuesday: always soporific.

Day 10

Solitary street lamp glow:

last seen in crinkled sweet wrappers

artificial upon the navy palette of night.

Day 11

Nearby, some two chairs behind, someone snores

in the library.

Day 12

You spot a puddle hiding between trees:

midnight pool

in broad daylight.

Day 13

Trees whisper a secret language of

solace in the sound of lost leaves.

Day 14

Seeing twenty years slip from a pensioner‘s face,

at a reciprocated stranger’s smile.

Day 15

Every day

is a let’s leap into leaves kind of day.

Aside from a Monday.

Day 16

You wish you could stop remembering

how quickly she forgot,

still sitting in the same old spot by the lake.

Day 17

Each day feels a little colder,

Fingers a little deeper in gloves.

Breath snatched then cracked by frost.

Day 18

Telephone poles scarred by staples,

Love heart graffiti notches

between kisses, lips and nails raw.

Day 19

Walking through fallen leaves, wondering.

Do you feel more

or less lonely amongst the decay?

Day 20

Dawn a ruddy cheek,

wind scrapes into each crevice.

Time to buy a better winter coat.

Day 21

Communion of starlings, star gazing

On a rooftop.

Day 22

Passing her by, just another familiar

coat, hat, scarf combination in the crowd

too many for her to notice you.

Day 23

Upturned earth, rain-sweetened and

shiny as mincemeat out the jar.

Too soon to think of Christmas.

Day 24

Sixty stacked wine glasses,

boxes on the pavement, for recycling men

to collect his wife’s hoard.

Day 25

Derelict buildings

litter city streets. The retired couple reminisce

forgotten shops- unlike trees,

no new growth.

Day 26

Hours outstretched like limbs within fresh bedsheets.

Outside is still soaking.

Day 27

Glow of the moon,

Coy behind screen of clouds-

illuminates each fingertip.

Day 28

Pink marshmallow atop

of hot chocolate

matches a stranger’s jacket on the table opposite.

Day 29

Old friend’s hugs

are your new home, though temporary.

Day 30

Yearning, like those confused crocuses.

These barren acres of grass trodden footpaths

cannot contain all this


Day 31

Gradually, between bare trees, beneath blank skies,

the only colour

will be these centenary poppies.

Lauren Winson

Featured image courtesy of Mark via Flickr. Image found here.

Article image 1 courtesy of Randen Pederson, image 2 courtesy of Hailey E. Herrera, image 3 courtesy of Sebastian Horndasch and image 4 courtesy of zaphad1 via Flickr.

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