Hungover Food Recommendations

Sophie talks us through her top food recommendations to treat a hangover.

You know the feeling. Your head is pounding, your stomach is growling and you didn’t manage to make a late night trip to Maccies. You just need something to make you feel slightly more human and less like a zombie. Have no fear, here are the top food recommendations to cure a deadly hangover from someone who has experienced far too many.

1. Pudding Pantry – if you’re feeling brave enough to venture into the city centre, there’s a huge choice of food options available to you, including the wonderful Pudding Pantry. They do great brunch, with both sweet and savoury options available, as well as a vast array of puddings, deserts and milkshakes. Reasonably priced with good portion sizes, you won’t be breaking the bank after the heavy blow of a night out.

2. Annie’s Burger Shack – as a Nottingham resident, if you haven’t yet visited Annie’s I politely request for you to tell me what you have been doing with your time. There’s no better hangover food than a fat, carby burger, and Annie’s has the biggest range you could ever possibly find. Think of any ingredient and Annie’s have put it in a burger for you, even the strangest combinations like peanut butter and jam. For those veggies and vegans out there, there’s plenty of choice for you guys too.

3. Su San – this is the takeaway option for those poor hungover souls who simply can’t drag themselves from bed to leave the house. Having tried and tested a few different Chinese takeaways in Nottingham, I have come to the decision that Su San is my favourite. They have lots of special offers too, including the £8 meal for one and dinner boxes for £5.80. With quick service straight to your doorway, what’s not to like?

“Whoever Jo is, I applaud you, you really have mastered the breakfast foods.”

4. Suede – for those seeking the best pizza Notts has to offer, look no further. After extensive market research (basically me just really liking pizza), I have concluded that Suede’s is superior. Their chips are also amazing, so you can’t really go wrong. Suede is a one of a kind bar and restaurant, they’re always playing movies and their retro deco will brighten up a grey, hungover day (there’s a shrine to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesas you descend the stairs to the toilets).

5. Jo’s Pancakes – last but certainly not least, Jo’s is Lenton’s answer to the hangover. Whoever Jo is, I applaud you, you really have mastered the breakfast foods. With sandwiches, wraps, omelettes, pancakes, waffles, full fry ups and everything in between, bring on the greasy hangover food. It’s also thankfully veeeeery cheap, so go crazy and order as much food as you want.

Sophie Hunt

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