Creative Corner: ‘Festive’ Showcase

A collection of poetry on the theme of 'Festivity'.

In this months poetry showcase, we thought we’d get into the Christmas spirit! So without further ado- on with the festivities! 

A time to share

Hear the music, the radio blares

Those classics of Whams last

Christmas, they share the magic of

Wizards, compare all my amaze and

Makes me wish it could be

Christmas, Christmas: every day.

All giving wishes, cards we send

Our words we say

As we intend to spend the time

With the ones who make us content

For we’re here now we’re

Hear: anyone who needs us and

Wants to listen to our festive cheer

As I walk through the door, entering

Home: soft

Sugars and spice and all things

Nice invade my nose the


Bread; all families

Live to breath so happily

All sounds of welcome, call out my

Name (they do)

Telling me they’re glad, so glad I

Came to my

Brandy snaps; their tyre tracks

Print the snow, a memory shown

Too big a tread for a reindeer’s toe

The cause for nostalgia;

The Christmas action:

The mincing of pies

The burn of the fire

All cosy inside, soft tingles the

Shudder, excitement down spines

Just to turn away to cry my

Carol; for carol singers there are as

They melodically light up our skies

As we wait for the jingles bells to

Blow our minds:

Watch our children run wild

As our old day nostalgia gleams in their eyes

Can’t drink the wine, too young they be, warm their cold


And longingly wait for their Santa Claus

Spoil me rotten

Can’t be forgotten for a magic like

Theirs for the one who cares

Is more than any present that they may


Olivia Morel

Festivity poem

They think that she won’t remember. Though the dates slip her mind

like knitting needles that won’t stay between her fingers anymore,

she knows enough

to purchase presents,

(which hid themselves somewhere

in the house before she could wrap them up)

She knew

by the sleet-grey clouds,

by the pronged steps from curious robins

etched onto frosty lawns,

come for the frozen feed.

Their red breast bobbing

like glacé cherries,

stirred in with the brandied fruit peel-she let the grandchildren lick the bowl.

Once there were white Christmases,

snow laid thick as icing atop cake.

Winter nights, sat running lengths of red felt beneath a sewing machine, the suit he wore to delight Boy Scouts and Christmas fayres every year.

Every so often on the local radio

they play Christmas songs of her youth

and rheumatic hips recall his firm hands, her butcher’s boy

Jack the lad who knew who to dance,

their footsteps, swaying back and forth,

in village halls, in this house, upon

on patterned carpet that’s lasted decades

embedded with shards of gold foil

torn off presents by crossed legged children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren.

Wet afternoons curling strips of old news into paper chains, placing the angel a top of the tree he lugged inside each year.

Now there’s no one to put up the tree. Hand stitched woolen decorations dampen in boxes in the loft.

Only the telly to talk to.

Lauren Winson

 Amongst the Tinsel Lies My Hometown

Amongst the tinsel lies my hometown

Amongst the thistles

And the twisting woods

That I find parts of myself scattered down

On a long, hard walk

Where memory haunts.

Amongst the tinsel I am homebound

I was so frustrated, I thought

I just wanted out

But that pilgrimage home

Is a rite of passage

Dewy cobwebs shimmer

Like the glittering town lights

And the snow tumbles

As my willpower crumbles

And I’m sucked in by the sight.

Yes, amongst the tinsel

Lies my hometown

Amongst the blazing fire

That dances in the corner

And the tinkle of music

That from the backroom seeps out

Colouring my mindset

As we raise a toast together

In that moment

Completely spellbound.

Esther Kearney 

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