Fashion and Beauty YouTubers You Should be Following

Esme shares some Youtubers she thinks you will love.

Sometimes it seems impossible to find anyone new and fun to subscribe to on YouTube. It is a behemoth platform, a whirlpool of content. It is unsurprising that you can go years without even hearing of some Youtubers, and there will undoubtedly be plenty deserving of a place on this list.

Regardless, you have to start somewhere. Read on to find eight fashion, beauty, and lifestyle vloggers who are definitely worth your time.

1) bestdressed

If you are looking for a Youtuber who is so real she often overshares and admits to it, bestdressed is your best bet. The thrifting queen of YouTube, she frequently shows off her amazing hauls from second-hand shops all over Los Angeles, where she finds silk shirts and vintage dresses on the regular. Her style is unique and refreshing and her humour is equally so.

2) lindseyrem

A self-confessed goth girl, lindseyrem is all about pushing the boundaries of fashion. She combines chunky boots with flowing, milk-maiden style white dresses, or vintage chain belts with denim skirts, and always looks good doing it. When you are not obsessing over her fashion sense, you can obsess over her stunning graphic design skills, or over her easy to follow and student-friendly vegan recipes.

3) Micarah Tewers

Micarah Tewers leapt onto the YouTube scene two years ago, but has only really started to regularly put out content in the last nine months. Less about fashion and more about ‘how to make a dress out of a plastic bag’ or ‘here’s how I turned a couch into a chic dress and jacket’, her videos are always a surprise and always entertaining. She also has real skill when it comes to sewing, and every costume or outfit she makes, practical or not, is stunning.

4) Claire Marshall

This LA-based beauty and lifestyle vlogger is chic, effortless, and mindful. Whether it is videos about where she went for a recent work trip, a catalogue of her morning routine, or just a daily vlog, each video is beautifully shot and a great way to get in your fix of beauty and brains. She also has an apartment to die for, and a super-cute cat named Bruce Lee.

5) emmasrectangle

UK-based vlogger Emma Johnson makes videos all about beauty, fashion, and homeware in a friendly, empowering way. She tests makeup, decorates her house, and chats honestly about life as a 21-year-old. It is so nice to see a Youtuber who isn’t based in London or LA, especially one who embraces fashion in a way that is enviable yet imitable.

6) Samantha Maria

Samantha Maria is a London-based Youtuber who has been posting understated and elegant content for years. It is relatable, affordable, and realistic. She posts about food, fashion, and beauty, as well as about business, motherhood, and true crime. It is honestly all you could ever want, all in one place.

7) Avrey Ovard

Avrey Ovard is so aesthetic it is shocking, and her videos embrace the fact wholeheartedly. Her girly style consists of millennial pink fur, tiny sunglasses, and floral sundresses. She films room tours, GRWMs, and clothing hauls, all with a strong California vibe of palm trees and sunsets. Ignore the fact that she is younger than all of us and seems to have it together, and enjoy her dry humour and adorable outfits.

8) Wear I Live

Thrift hauls, cruelty free makeup, and self-care routines, all against a backdrop of New York City, Wear I Live is a too-cool vlogger who creates great content about her life as a fashion student in the Big Apple. Some of her best videos are her apartment tours and fashion hauls—her boho-chic, retro aesthetic shines through every time. With her focus on sustainable fashion and beauty, she is definitely a vlogger to get inspired by.

Esme Johnson

Featured Image courtesy of @lindseyrem via Instagram.

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