Creative Corner Showcase: Awakening

As spring draws closer, Impact’s poets explore the theme of awakening, whether new beginnings or awakening to the reality of an ending… 

Those Fires Within  

Like the burning wound of desire, 

The fire hisses and bursts with hunger 

To wake up to a new day, a new world, a new beginning… 

Like the blistering wind that cuts through the faces of mountains, the icy snow that breaks away from the crags of its  

Binder, the one it hopes to fall away from soon.  


A mind of their own they have, these elements, 

With souls that love, no different from ours, 

If we only care to look deeper, like with everything else in this undiscovered world… 


As for now, I can see the form of a flame glowing in the distance of my mind: 

My imagination running wild like this fire, see that smokey haze rising 

As soft colours appear, 

Clouding the skies… 


I will watch that fire  

Burning brighter with warm desire, the sun setting in: 

For my soul has now shaken, will awaken, 

As a new dawn shall begin 

Olivia Morel  


Folie a deux 

We fell in love  

with fiction, in 

resistance to reality. 

This story we share 

writes itself 

-but I am no longer bound  

to you- an ending  

return to strangers 

I fear  

that is all we ever were.  

Lauren Winson 

Featured image courtesy of Natasha Phang-Lee.

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