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UoN To Take Part In National Coronavirus Testing Methods Research Project

The University of Nottingham will be collaborating in a national research project launched by the U.K government to evaluate the accuracy of new coronavirus diagnostic tests and test their effectiveness in different settings, it has been reported.

Alongside a number of National Health Service trusts, the University of Manchester, the University of Oxford and medical research groups, the University of Nottingham will participate in the research of different approaches which collect coronavirus test samples with the aim of making tests more accurate and comfortable for those being tested.

Current virus testing methods could be giving false negatives in 20% of cases

The program also aims to find a single national route for evaluating the accuracy of virus diagnostic tests in hospitals and community healthcare settings.

This came amid worries that current virus testing methods could be giving false negatives in 20% of cases, seriously affecting the government’s abilities to develop an effective test and trace system.

The project will be funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), U.K. Research and Innovation, Asthma U.K and the British Lung Foundation.

Aidan Hall

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