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A Christmas Miracle: Gavin Williamson Confirms Students Will Be Home For The Holidays

Abi Kara-Fernandes

Gavin Williamson confirms students will be allowed to return home this Christmas time. Impact’s Abi Kara-Fernandes reports.

On Thursday, Matt Hancock refused to rule out banning students from returning home this Christmas, in order to limit the spread of coronavirus and save lives. This sparked concern from many, including the Labour party, over the effect this could have on student’s mental health.

After much speculation however, Gavin Williamson confirmed yesterday that students will be allowed to return home for the holidays. In order for this to be done safely, it has been suggested students may be required to self isolate before they make the journeys back to their families.

It has been suggested students may be required to self isolate before they make the journeys back to their families

This holds implications for the universities themselves, as for this to occur, in person teaching may have to end early. Although ministers initially advised in person teaching where possible is a key component in the well being of the students, The University and College Union has been vehemently opposed to the return of students to campuses, encouraging this remote learning to become the “default” for the time being.

Williamson has also emphasised the importance of the continuing support from the universities for those who choose not to go home for Christmas. Students nationwide have further been encouraged to stick to government guidelines when concerning the pandemic, not just to avoid fines, but to allow Williamson to follow through on his promise. This comes after thousands of students have been forced to self isolate across the country, including Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Nottingham’s own Nightingale Hall. 

Abi Kara-Fernandes

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