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Food for Fun: Best Food Socs at Notts

Zoya Gulshin

On the second day of freshers, Zoya talks to us about the abundance of food societies at UoN…

Here at the University of Nottingham, we’re proud of our foodie selves and like to discover new kinds of foods, and the best places to eat. There’s nothing better than doing so with a group of people who appreciate food just as much as we do. We enjoy food so much that we have several societies dedicated to different kinds of food!

In this article I will be introducing some of the best food societies here at University of Nottingham:

Cake Soc

A society dedicated to the glorious gift that is cake! Cake Soc gatherings involve getting together to watch The Great British Bake Off and having baking sessions where you can make all kinds of treats from cupcakes to cookies. If you have a sweet tooth, enjoy baking, or simply want to join a society that will help you destress, Cake Soc is the perfect fit!

Kettle Soc

If you’re an avid hot beverage enthusiast, Kettle Soc has got your back. This society meets up almost every week for a hot drink and some delicious biscuits. Some gatherings hosted by Kettle Soc include café crawls and pottery painting sessions. They also have a membership card offering you some great offers for your tea breaks in Nottingham.

Veg Soc 


This is the perfect society for vegetarians, vegans, or anyone who is interested in eating a more plant-based diet. VegSoc welcome all students with open arms and will feed you well! Social events held by VegSoc include restaurant crawls, potluck dinners, and giveaways full of yummy goodies. They also give all their members a card with some great veggie deals on food in Notts. If you are a vegan, vegetarian or interested in either diets, (delete this bit bc you’ve already used these words at the start) joining VegSoc would undoubtedly be one of the best things you will ever do. You can check out our interview with this year’s committee if you need any more persuasion to join!

Cultural Socs

If you want to eat food from your own or different cultures, the University of Nottingham has many cultural societies. From Pakistani Society to Japanese Society, there are a wide array of ethnic societies who host dinner parties. Missing the food you would usually be eating at home? Don’t worry, the students’ union is here for you.

Zoya Gulshin

Featured image courtesy of Ted Sakshaug via Flickr. Image license found here.

Image 1 courtesy of Cake Soc via Instagram

Image 2 courtesy of Kettle Soc via Instagram

Image 3 courtesy of Veg Soc via Instagram

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