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Decades-Old Millennium Garden Tree Faces Replacement Following Rupture

Ben Mellor

The Millennium Garden is on-track to lose a long-time resident after a tree sustained damage following poor weather conditions. Reporting on the future of this inconspicuous tree, Ben explains what is being planned by the University.

Located to the rear of the Law & Social Sciences building, the Millennium Garden is one of the many areas of natural beauty which fill the University Park Campus. Though a sizable part of students queried were unaware of both its location and name, it is still a popular ‘cut-through’ for those going between the David Ross Sports Village and Central Campus.

A key aspect of the garden is the brick and turf maze found on the side closest to the Orchard Hotel, which is an “ancient garden feature” symbolising the “rooting of knowledge in antiquity” according to the Gardens Guide.

Planted within the maze is a Common Hawthorne tree, which pre-dates the opening of the garden in 2000. During the creation of the garden, this tree was incorporated into the design instead of being removed – and as a result the tree is at least 22 years old. Unfortunately, over the past few weeks, due to sustained harsh weather, the tree cracked and split into two pieces, with one half falling to the ground.

When contacted for comment on the future of the tree location, Dale Coates, the Assistant Grounds Maintenance Manager, responded:

“The plan will be for the tree to be removed and a replacement planted possibly further into the adjacent Orchard, a new Apple Tree maybe…”

“In the meantime, and prior to any replanting, we will consider any comments and suggestions we receive from the public in terms of replacement as we appreciate the garden is popular with students and visitors and the tree may form a part of people’s enjoyment of this area of the Campus.”

Ben Mellor

Featured image courtesy of Ben Mellor. No changes were made to this image.

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