A Flipping Great Pancake Day

What the Impact team has been up to this Pancake Day…

Everybody loves Pancake Day, especially us foodies here at Impact! We’ve been whipping out our frying pans, getting out our toppings and busily cooking up some classic Shrove Tuesday treats. Here are a few of our best efforts!


The Classic Nutella Crepe

This is a must have on pancake day, a solid favourite of many, folded over in a fun french crepe style, just oozing chocolaty goodness!


The Strawberry and Golden Syrup Crepe

As if we weren’t sweet enough. Mixing the healthy with the… well, not-so-healthy. But hey, it’s Pancake Day!

pj pancake

The American PB & J

An American-themed thick pancake, smothered with jam and peanut butter – we’re loving the combination of salty and sweet.

rads pancake

All-the-Toppings Tuesday

Ice-cream, chocolate, cream and raspberries… Because you can never have too many toppings!

blueberry pancake

Banana and Blueberry

A healthy concoction using whole wheat flour, banana and blueberries in the pancake batter, topped with plain yogurt and toasted flaked almonds.

By Ruth Pengelly

Image Credits: Lydia Eccleston, Emily Howard, Radhika Chand and Ruth Pengelly

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