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Food Review: The Pudding Pantry

If you love brunch but don’t want to get up early for an 11am cut off point, then The Pudding Pantry is the place to go. The homely pancake experts are tucked around the corner of TK Maxx and are known for their extensive pudding and brunch menu. This includes fluffy and thick pancakes with a variety of toppings, freakshakes, and of course lovable classics such as the avocado toast and eggs benedict.

“The cosy decor is reminiscent of a french bakery”

The cosy decor is reminiscent of a french bakery, with a nice view to the outside world. They have a variety of menus, including the new pancake menu where you can choose from 5 options such as banoffee pie, salted caramel, and bacon and maple syrup from £6.50. They also offer afternoon teas that feature both sweet and savoury foods, the perfect place to take your mum when she comes to visit.

“They were definitely the fluffiest pancakes I have had”

I had the american style pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. They were definitely the fluffiest pancakes I have had and made my previous disastrous attempts at homemade pancakes look very sad in comparison. The bacon was crispy and perfectly complemented by the maple syrup, with the salty and sweet combo.

“They have ‘pudding, pancakes and prosecco’ nights”

Potentially the most unique feature is that every Thursday Friday and Saturday night until 11pm they have ‘pudding, pancakes and prosecco’ nights where you can choose three or five puddings on a tasting platter or from their selection of pancakes, accompanied by a choice of wines or fizz. This would be a perfect girls meal out, housemate’s birthday or just a well deserved break from studying, and something that I haven’t seen offered by any other brunch places before.

The Pudding Pantry is the perfect place for cute dates, mate dates and especially upcoming pancake day (4th March). They also have vegan and gluten free options, so no one has to miss out. I’d recommend making a reservation as they are usually very busy.

Personal recommendations: homemade raspberry lemonade, any of the pancakes!


Isabelle Walker

Featured Image courtesy of The Pudding Pantry Official Facebook Page.

Image courtesy of Isabelle Walker

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