Meet the Team and Their Pancake Toppings

Pancake Day is undoubtedly the most sacred day of the year – pancakes are so flippin’ good. Some of the team at Impact  have shared their favourite pancake toppings. 

Name: Inga Becker-Hansen

Position: Science Editor 

Pancake Topping: Mushrooms, spinach and pancetta

A speciality of my household are savoury pancakes as they are more filling than the sweet ones I normally have and act as a main course before sweet pancakes for dessert! My Mum has been making this savoury topping for years and it’s my favourite! Fry onions in oil, followed by mushrooms along with pancetta. Then added spinach and allow it to wilt. Then add a large dollop of crème fraiche and stir through and season with some black pepper. It tastes amazing and is perfect to eat before sweet pancakes. It’s filling, without losing your appetite for more pancakes after! Give it a go – I would definitely recommend it.

Name: Charlotte Hegley 

Position: Head of Lifestyle 

Pancake Topping: Maple Syrup with Banana Slices

My favourite pancake topping would have to be maple syrup with banana slices. It takes me back to the International House of Pancakes in Florida a few years ago where they would drizzle syrup, butter and banana on your pancakes. It also makes me think of when my friend dared me to put my hand in a tub of maple syrup when I was about ten. So, yep, lots of nice memories about this sugary topping. The sweet syrup with the healthy bananas is a perfect mix. Also, if you’re feeling unhealthy, you can substitute the banana for some bacon instead…

Name: Sophie Hunt

Position: Online Editor 

Pancake Topping: Nutella and Banana

Pancake day is, in my humble opinion, one of the best days of the year. This year is even better since it falls two days before my birthday. Whilst there are many an enjoyable pancake topping on offer, my personal favourite is Nutella and banana. Simple, sweet and tasty, this is a winner for all. However, if you use any other nutty chocolate spread that isn’t Nutella, give up and go home now. Pancake day is cancelled. In all seriousness, do it right or don’t bother.

Name: Rosa Morgan

Position: Food Editor 

Pancake Topping: Lemon and Sugar 

A simple, yet tantalising classic. The acidic juice from the citrusy lemon mixed with the sweet crunch of sugar provides the perfect texture and perfect topping for your pancakes. Not only does this topping hit the spot in terms of its sweet and sour nature, but it’s not as heavy and dense as a lot of other pancake toppings out there. This means that you can eat more pancakes!

Words by Inga Becker-Hansen, Charlotte Hegley, Sophie Hunt and Rosa Morgan. Words collated by Rosa Morgan. 

Featured image courtesy of Kevin Severud via Flickr, no changes made to the image. Image license can be found here.

Article images courtesy of Sophie Hunt.

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