Rosa’s Recommendation of the Week- Petit Paris

Hannah talks us through this week's recommendation.

Fancy eating out in a restaurant that serves tasty French food and is incredibly reasonable? Why not try Petit Paris?

I first discovered Petit Paris when I was looking for a restaurant to visit for a date night with my partner, and it was so brilliant that I have been back several times, including the evening of my graduation.

Located on King’s Walk (a side street off of Upper Parliament Street in Nottingham Town Centre), Petit Paris serves delicious French-inspired meals, ranging from vegetarian butternut squash and beetroot dishes, to slow cooked beef and lamb main courses. All courses are beautifully presented, with ‘just-right’ size portions. I always leave feeling full, but not bloated and stuffed like how I feel after eating at many other restaurants!

Not only are the meals delicious; they are unbelievably reasonable. If you choose to eat on Monday – Thursday from 5.15pm to 9.30pm, three courses will cost you only £16.95. The same rate applies if you choose to eat on Friday or Saturday between the times 5.15pm and 6.30pm. Additionally, the atmosphere is warm and friendly, the staff clearly having a passion for the restaurant and food.

One thing that could be improved at Petit Paris is the selection of vegetarian and vegan options. Currently on the pre-theatre menu, there is only one vegan main course (roasted butternut squash), and the majority of the other dishes are meat- or fish-based. Despite this, I have had vegetarian options in the restaurant before (notably the soup du jour, which I believe was a pea-based soup on the day I visited, served with crusty bread), which were equally as tasty and charismatic as the meat dishes.

Visiting Petit Paris will not leave you disappointed; if you’re going out for a date night, eating with your friends and/or family, or having a meal out before a concert in town, I would recommend to anyone who loves high-quality and reasonably priced food!

Hannah Pickard

All images courtesy of Petit Paris via Facebook.

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