Creative Corner showcase: Growth

Although the change in seasons means many animals are going into hibernation and trees are losing their leaves, the approaching end of year can also be a time for personal growth ahead of the new year. This month’s showcase explores ‘growth’, intertwining the natural and human words in poems by Esther Kearney and Lauren Winson.

The Girl with Roots  
She sways in the wind 
Emerald eyes, bark for skin 
She pollinates with a swing 
In her step 
Then she pirouettes 
But she can only go so far 
Her long limbs 
Rooted to the spot 

Her arms languid 
And flowering 
Strive towards the sunshine 
That yolk coloured orb 

Before silver brushstrokes 
Mar that cerulean canvas. 
A single 
Early morning dew drop 
Runs down her face 
And the rainstorm begins. 

Esther Kearney


Beauty as Blemishes  

Cloaking our bodies in shame,  

a second skin stretched across  

each crevice, tied up in a knot  

where hearts beat a hidden pulse 

through veins, cross-crossed rivers  

writhing upon this map of ourselves,  

a landscape changing with every 




Watch ribs swell and bloom,  

protruding petals that you call weeds,  

plucking, prodding and shaving away, 

as if you could reach the roots,  

this lifelong battle against the nature bursting out of your pores,  





you can heal, those scars  

are flowers upon your skin, growing 

a garden of strawberry seed scabs and mountain ridges  

rising from scraped away skin,  

unceasing regeneration after all 

you’ve been through. 

Lauren Winson 

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Featured image courtesy of Tahira Rowe. Article image 1 courtesy of János Csongor Kerekes via Flickr. Article image 2 courtesy of jodage via Flickr.


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