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Beth talks us through this week's recommendation.

Whether you’re bulking or shredding this winter, or even if you just fancy a guilt-free dining experience, Clean Cut Kitchen is worth taking a trip to.

Tucked away at the bottom of Derby Road, Clean Cut Kitchen is one of Nottingham’s only healthy fast food restaurants. It offers a sit in and takeaway experience, with clean eating being at the heart of it. Embracing the wave of fitspiration that has taken over Britain in recent years, Clean Cut Kitchen offers a full menu of some of Britain’s most loved dishes, redefined to fit into a healthy diet and a clean way of eating.

“There are a whole host of tasty favourites that have been reformulated with healthier alternatives”

From a full English breakfast, to smoothie bowls, and from fish and chips to burgers, there are a whole host of tasty favourites that have been reformulated with healthier alternatives, giving you food that still fits within your macros (quite literally, with each dish’s macros listed on the menu), but most importantly still tastes great!

Burgers buns can be swapped for sweet potato waffles, pasta for courgette, and you can even order yourself some ‘clean slaw’ as a side dish. Every element of these dishes has been carefully thought of, so that whether you require high protein, or low carbs, or if you’re a veggie or a vegan, everyone can indulge in some good cooking without having to worry about the calories.

“Clean Cut Kitchen has also introduced its own meal prep service”

Clean Cut Kitchen has also introduced its own meal prep service, for those with a bit more of a budget who wish to stick to a meal plan without all the fuss. The service offers a range of breakfast, lunch and dinner options that extend beyond their regular menu, which can be tailored specifically to the individual, ensuring that you get the correct portion size and macro intake so that you can really meet your body goals.

With good quality ingredients, it’s unsurprising that a meal at Clean Cut Kitchen will cost you a tad more than if you were to go to any other fast-food joint, but if you’re a keen gym-goer who already has a summer body in sight, then it’s well worth splashing a little extra cash next time you feel like eating out!

Beth O’Neill

All images courtesy of Clean Cut Kitchen via Facebook.

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